Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is VW ready to swallow Isuzu? Is that true or not?

TOKYO - Volkswagen AG is rumored to intend to annex the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Japan, Isuzu. Although it is still a rumor, this effort may be taken in order to pursue ambitions to become the world's largest automotive manufacturer in 2018.

Firstly, VW and MAN, the German truck manufacturer comprised of 30 percent is owned by VW-center to discuss the possibility of acquiring shares in Japan's Isuzu. However, this news is directly contradicted by VW saying that the move was not part of the agenda of the target.

According to Reuters on Wednesday (13/04/2011), Isuzu who had shares valued at 5.86 billion U.S. dollars has been facing market uncertainty following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In fact, another brand, Daimler, through partner Mitsubishi Fuso (Japan) announced the temporary suspension of the factory in Kawasaki as the market is still uncertain.

Initial purchases of shares of other companies will push Isuzu return to receive an income to strengthen the business base. We confirmed to be related to this issue, MAN will not want to comment anything. If this rumor was true, then VW did not just fight as the number one of manufacturer in the world through the passenger vehicle segment, but it is also aggressive on the commercial segment.

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