Sunday, April 24, 2011

Intel finally can apply processors plugged into Car device and that means it make easier dan more complete for car

In the event of Intel Developer Forum, Intel launched the platform Queens Bay, which it is intended for infotainment systems in vehicles, media phones, automation devices, and other integrated devices.

The new platform consists of 8 integrated microprocessor from the Atom E600 series and the Platform Controller Hub EG20T.

Each microprocessor Atom E600, in it there is a single processor core, memory controller, 2D and 3D graphics controller, video encoder and decoder, display controller, HD Audio, PCI Express, as well as support for other interfaces.

"SoC's technology in the processor supports the 3D, the ability of high-definition H.264 encoding to use 'sync-and-go' between consumer electronics devices and portable devices are connected," said Doug Davis, Vice President, General Manager, Embedded and Communications Group.

Depending on the model used, the Atom processor cores of E600 works ranging from the speed of 600MHz, 1000MHz, 1300MHz or 1600MHz. For each speed, Intel provides two versions of which those are using resources to produce a specific temperature while working.

These processors have a cache of 32KB for instructions and 24KB (data), and 512KB of level 2 cache. Although support up to SSE3 SIMD Extensions, this processor does not have 64-bit instruction set. However, the feature HyperThreading, and virtualization have been provided.

Davis said the SoC (Silicon on Chip) is equipped with smart power management function which it can automatically turn off part of the chip which those are not used.

To save power, the Atom E600-available features Enhanced SpeedStep and Deep powerdown. This makes the power consumption of the processor only reached 2.7 to 3.9 watts. The processor with FC-BGA packaging are sold starting from U.S. $ 19 to U.S. $ 85 per 1,000 units of purchase. (Art)

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