Monday, April 25, 2011

Indianapolis Ready To clean MotoGP

Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit conditions (STIs) in particular layouts used for the MotoGP, was complained of by the drivers and teams in MotoGP since 2010. Circuit design, especially the inside (inner oval ring for NASCAR and IndyCar), it's been pretty rough and bumpy.

The result is growing rumors that Dorna MotoGP Motorsport as a promoter could be ejecting IMS as one of the organizers of the MotoGP circuit in America. Do not want the rumors become reality, IMS circuit manager will be directly do asphalting on the layout of circuits inside, starting from the corner 5 hinga bend 16.

But according to Mel Harder as senior vice president of IMS, explained that they deliberately make these improvements because the conditions were bad enough asphalt suffered bad weather conditions.

"We deliberately make improvements because the conditions of the section is already quite severe due to poor weather. Section bumpy circuit, cracked even mossy certainly very improper to use race. We will immediately take over the project for improvement of this result is quite satisfactory, "said Harder.

IMS circuit itself will be held on August 28, 2011 MotoGP, and is the last year not to renew the contract if Dorna MotoGP operation. Hopefully with this change, Dorna are still willing to extend the contract IMS circuit

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