Monday, April 11, 2011

I think that Ferrari Opus book is one of a row of world's most expensive books

ABU DHABI-Ferrari was not only good at making sports cars with a tag of billions of dollars, but also a book called The Official Ferrari biography Opus worth of 275,000 U.S. dollars. If the count is calculated, the price of this book is equivalent to the price of ten 10 Honda All New Jazz RS.

Called Opus, as reported by autoblog, on Monday (04/04/2011), because Ferrari described the paper as thick as 825 pages containing 200,000 words and 2,000 images are like a concert orchestra. Its contents, historical records of the early cars were created, including in the racing world.

Official Ferrari Opus was produced for limited 30 copies with hand-stitched leather (hand made), plus a sprinkling of diamond grains formed 30 Prancing Horse logo. Once the exclusive, one country only rationed one book. Buyers of this book also owned a chance to enter sweepstakes having a replica of the Ferrari F1 racing car ever ridden 7 times world champion Michael Shumacher.

In addition to the most expensive version, Ferrari also offers a book with several models including a version of the Enzo, produced only 400 copies signed by all the world champions Ferrari are still living in the upper layer of silver. The price is 37,500 U.S. dollars. Finally, the standard version produced 4100 copies with the original signature of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso priced at 4100 U.S. dollars.

It will also prepare edition of 500 copies of Rampante Cavallino. Different from the last book is the original signature of world champion (driver) Ferrari, including their victory in the past and present. The book was priced 7000 U.S. dollars.

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