Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I like this classic one and that is true that Rinspeed Bamboo, Retro Style Electric Car

Geneva: Swiss automobile manufacturer, Rinspeed, has launched a unique concept of electric cars. That concept car was named by Rinspeed Bamboo. Although it was not mentioned in the section which it uses elements of bamboo, but the appearance of the car
radiates the impression of bamboo.

"The technology of this car follows the technology trend of the latest environmentally friendly cars, using electric propulsion," said a press release as reported by the manufacturer to, Wednesday (1 / 12).

Unfortunately, Rinspeed did not mention the details of the battery capacity of the electricity used how much power and torque was produced. Similarly, home range capability and a top speed is capable of being enfolded.

Manufacturers argue that all details will be revealed at the launch in March 2011. "Anyone not going to close their eyes about the power and speed. (But) Bamboo, by simply pressing the reset button will offer a new way of thinking (about the power and speed)," Rinspeed confess.

Four-seat car with side and rear body sections open and canvas roof which it can be opened, is positioned as a vehicle for sightseeing, especially the beach outing. The concept uses retro style of the '70s decade .

"This car reminds nostalgic era of the 70s, on the coast of southern France or in St. Tropez. (when looking at this car) people like to see Brigitte Bardot (actress era of the '70s) was behind the wheel with Gunther Sachs at his side was heading for the coast of Tahiti, "said Rinspeed.

The plan is revealed that the manufacturer will be bringing a concept car to the mat Geneva Auto Show, March 2011.

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