Saturday, April 9, 2011

I guess that it is more accurate because Steven Chu predict Electric Cars as competitive and cheap as Gesolines Cars 5 Years Again

CANCUN- electric cars expected to be competitive, such as petrol or diesel engined vehicles five years again. . As stated by the Minister of Energy of United States, that is Prof. Dr. Steven Chu in the annual event about climate in Cancun, Mexico, earlier this week.

Steven Chu is known as a figure who has long supported the policy of electric cars. He is even rated as the number one promoter. "It's not achieving until 10 years. it's Only 5 years old. The time is near. Later, the ability of batteries to store energy is doubled from now, "he told Reuters.

In Addition, the ability of batteries store electrical energy will be increased by five or seven times more than now in next 15 years. It is unless interesting, the price will also be less expensive, it's one-third of current prices.

He also said the development of batteries continue to be done by various companies. It also conducted a manufacturer who has marketed electric cars, like Tesla, Nissan, and Fisker. Especially for research and development of batteries for these cars are pointed out that the Department of Energy (DOE) or the Ministry of Energy United States has spent 400 million U.S. dollars.

Chu said the car petrol is accounted for one-third pollution in the world. Electric cars will reduce CO2 emissions, although the source of energy derived from plants that use coal. "If the use of natural gas will be clean again," he said.

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