Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am curious ask for myself, "Can Valentino Rossi take on podium later?"

Losail - Although agile Valentino Rossi as the fifth fastest recorded in official practice MotoGP Qatar, on Thursday (03/17/2011), revealed by a record time of 1 minute 56.479 seconds , this was assessed as a reasonable result of which was good enough. In fact, the excellent performance of the Ducati Desmosedici GP11 considered is in the best level yesterday.

Why not? during the competitive test session, seven times of MotoGP world champion was never poked in the top five. Similarly, when in the Losail Circuit on Monday (3/14/2011), "The Doctor" was exactly ranked 13th.

"We were all quite satisfied with the free exercise and it has the sufficiently powerful potential to be retracing the victory podium if performance could be better than today (Thursday)," commented by Rossi.

He confessed that Desmosedici performance was improved after successful modification was done and the complicated setting is really adjusted with the reasonable results of the last test. It was within a few laps only, "My time could be better than the test results last Monday," added by the man born from Urbino, Italy.

Coming to the end of free practice, Rossi tried hard compound tires and he raced for 19 laps. As a result, the motorcycles can be sped faster for tenth of a second. "Thus, if you wish to achieve good results during the race later (Sunday), then we should be capable of cutting time of 0.5 seconds needed.

Rossi confessed that though it still improved the perfomance to fix certain parts of the excellent motorcycle, he did not dare push the motorbikes hard because the shoulder is still sore. Now we just wait for the results of two exercises today.

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