Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am curious and How come? USA Inevitably needs Asia to support hybrid cars

About the development of automotive technology, especially leading to hybrid or electric car, it turns out America lags far behind countries of Asia. That's because, lithium-ion battery, which it became one of the main components of environmentally friendly vehicles, which it is required automobile manufacturers in the country, Uncle Sam is very dependent on foreign products.

As reported by Dow Jones (9 / 3), high world oil prices reaching 100 dollars per barrel, forcing the principal American cars such as General Motors and Ford Motors could not not have to market a hybrid vehicle in 2012. The goal for fuel efficiency could be higher, given the technology of hybrid blend of gasoline and electric engines.

When pushing environmentally friendly vehicles to market soon, GM, Ford, and other U.S. automakers are in a less advantageous position. "They are very dependent on battery or import technology from Japan, China and other Asian countries to supply lithium-ion batteries," said Menahem Anderman, president of Advanced Automotive Baterries research firm.

in IHS CERA energy conference on Tuesday (8 / 3), Anderman asserted, if there is a race to make batteries for electric cars or hybrids, America ranks fourth behind China, Japan and South Korea. Americans classified as late in allocating funds for R & D component.

Moreover, GM in the next two years will produce 175,000 units of Chevy Volt (hybrid). "When the company began developing hybrid cars two years ago, they should look to Asia a lot of battery supply, to add time and money for development," said Britta Gross, GM's Director of Global Enegi System. He addsfor Volt that the GM should go to South Korea to find material of lithium cells.

China became one provider of lithium-ion batteries in the world. The component manufacturers are enjoying the benefits, both in terms of financial and manpower.

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