Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hyundai talks about leading the market through Blue2's Fuel Cell Concept Car

Hyundai's Blue2 featuring a new concept of fuel-cell at the week's Seoul Motor Show this week. They wish that through this excellent vehicle could have a grip on the market in fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV / Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). Does this mean that Blue2 will be manufactured?

Hyundai Vehicles by exterior design philosophy called 'Intersected flow', combining innovative design elements and dynamic. Is 'Intersected flow' will replace the current design language (Fluidic Sculpture)? It seems very doubtful.

Like most new concept car, the existence of the rearview mirror has been replaced with cameras. This vehicle also features a welcoming system which can identify the driver and automatically opens the door for him.

The most interesting part of the concept Blue2 is the continous source of energy that uses fuel cells hydrogen is able to present the power about 120 hp with a cruising range 34.9 kilometers for every liter of fuel.

Blue2 is also equipped with low rolling resistance tires and carry a very aerodynamic shape in an effort to reduce air resistance, which helps to improve fuel efficiency.

The futuristic Views are also balanced with a touch of high tech in the cabin. Blue2 utilizes organic LED screens and tempered glass ultra-light to show the variety of important information on the vehicle.

Even in his comfortable seat, there is a kind of cradle to hold a variety of gadgets such as Apple iPad tablet and tablet device in a format other.

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