Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hybrid car is still favourite proved by 3 Best Selling Car in Japan Throughout February

As reported by The Mainichi Daily News, Thursday (3 / 3), Prius sales of 19 thousands units, Fit (Jazz) of 17 thousand units, and Toyota Yaris of 16 thousand. "Honda Fit (Jazz) to keep pace with sales in the price of the last day of February. This is thanks to incessant promotion held by dealers. However, no small car could surpass the Prius, "said a source at Jada.

Achievements of Toyota Prius sales in February were recaptured at the same time best-selling car in the land title of the Rising Sun at last January after being displaced by Honda Jazz.

As reported by Kyodo News International, Tuesday (1 / 2), Toyota Prius sales during the month was only 14 thousand units or slumped 40 percent compared to same month 2010. The decline and collapse of the domination of the Prius was the first time after a period of 20 months in a row to became the best-selling car in Japan ..

One of the causes of decline in sales of the Prius is the lifting of subsidies and tax breaks for the purchase of environmentally friendly purchases previously provided by government. The policy was terminated in September 2010.

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