Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to inevitably solve sleepy and overcome fatigue when drivingng

So far, most people assess fatigue when driving was too dangerous than drunk or drowsy. In fact, such assumption is incorrect.

The reason, several research and events that occurred during this accident proves that the fatigue that triggers the sleep has become a cause of 37 percent of the total 100 accidents in the United States after a drunk who has 59 percent.

"Fatigue and sleepiness cause more fatal accidents. Because at that moment, the sensory and motor nerve reflexes weak that someone is also weakening, "said by Thomas J Balkin, the National Sleep Foundation, as reported by the New York Times, some time ago.

Similar conditions also occurred in Indonesia. Only, for most people who pay attention reefs.

Not least among the accidents that happen in this country are caused by driver fatigue due to driving more than two hours and finally sleepy. "If there were aware of and often receive information about the fatal risk due to fatigue, many have ignored,"

Generally, people think of driving while tired is a legal action because there are no rules or laws that prohibit it. On the other hand, other road users too permissive alias does not protest.

So how do I cope when feeling tired in the middle of whack when you travel far? Anything that should be avoided to prevent drowsiness? Here Reza share tips for you:

1. Do not drive more than three hours

Driving a car for three hours continuously without stopping cause sensory and motor nerve a person who drank alcoholic beverages with a content of 40 percent. This can happen because the two nerves are experiencing tension because of the person concerned is required to concentrate attention to the road and car conditions.

"How strong any person, if both nerves should be taut within three hours, they will fatigue as well. The effect is a reflex action and decreased concentration, "said Reza.

2. Rest a minute and light exercise

Another way of eliminating fatigue and sleepiness are the rest. If in your journey are already feeling the signs of fatigue and sleepiness should stop the vehicle and the rest.

Lie down or sleep for 30 minutes or at least 20 minutes. After that, a time for light exercise about 5 minutes with the order of body parts at the top of the head, shoulders, arms, hands, shoulders, knees, and legs.

Perform pull upward movement, play, and folded. "Through the successive movements are correct, then the biceps and triceps muscle will come back refreshed and lactic acid in muscles teredusir," said Reza.

In addition, blood flow was smooth.

3. Do not consume lots of carbohydrates

In addition to rest after driving for three hours, another thing that should be avoided is to consume carbohydrates, especially rice and wheat bread. Therefore, these substances could potentially trigger drowsiness.

This can happen because L-Tryptophan or essential amino acids in the carbohydrate will be converted into niacin and vitamin B. While niacin produce serotonin.

"Serotinin, according to health experts, will stimulate the brain to cause a sense of comfort in the body. Well, guess that's what then triggers drowsiness race, "said Reza.

Moreover, at the same time, other amino acids also enter the blood. At that moment, the content of L-tryptophan greater drowsiness became so-so.

Instead of carbohydrates during the trip, eat fruit or chocolate. Vitamins in the fruit not only refresh and strengthen the muscles of the motor requirement but also good for strengthening sensory nerves in the body.

The chocolate contains phenols, antioxidants. These substances in addition to counteract the toxins in the body that brought in food consumed, also keep the muscle cells of the body including motor and sensory nerves.

4. Drink coffee when forced

But one thing worth noting is that caffeine in coffee is not healthy or make the cells of our bodies fit or healthy. Substance is true it was a cause unfriendly substances for the body and substances and hormones in the body reacts against it.

"So, after drinking coffee body feels fresh. In fact, true at the time the body was furiously against caffeine, "said Reza.

This can happen because the caffeine in coffee stimulates gastric acid production. Meanwhile, the acid becomes a fertile medium for the growth of several bacterial toxins.

Therefore, it was then that the body take the fight automatically. Some anti-toxic substances in the body to work extra hard. It was then that people who drink coffee to feel her body back in shape.

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