Thursday, April 14, 2011

How interesting! Vision of Efficient Dynamics: Hybrid Concept of Diesel Sport car of BMW

Munchen- The popularity of hybrid cars seem more interesting. It appeared from the sports car concept displayed at the 63th Internationale Automobile Austellung (IAA) of BMW or the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009, was held on September 17 to 27.

Car concept introduced by BMW is 2 + 2 sports relied on hybrid drive systems. In this case, the system was a diesel engine and electric motor. it was pointed out that the latest concept of cars from manufacturers located in Munich is BMW Active Hybrid technology plus visualization, the symbol of efficient and environmentally friendly fueled sport car.

Strong & Save. To obtain performance of economical fuel consumption and lower emissions, the experts adopted the technology or the concept of BMW's small car to the premium class. BMW calls it Vission of Efficient Dynamics.

The concept was a hybrid car using three-cylinder turbo diesel engine and two electric motors. In this case, BMW used a series hybrid. Only electric motors were mounted on each front axle rear, driving the car.

With both axles moved by the engine, BMW also mentioned having a car in which it moved all wheel or all-wheel drive (AWD). Power could be generated by electric motors, 262 kW (356 PS) and maximum torque of 800 Nm.

This car can sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds. The top speed was achieved at 250 km / hour. This was limited electronically too. Meanwhile, the fuel consumption of cars dimensionless length of 4600 mm, width 1900 mm, and height 1240 mm (with the EU mode) was 3.76 liter/100 kms or 26.6 kms / liter. Meanwhile, emissions of CO2, 99 grs / km.

Plug-In. To improve the efficiency or operational costs were cheap, BMW engineered this car as a hybrid plug-ins. Lithium polymer battery cells used directly were plugged into a power outlet in Europe's house using electricity to standard voltage 220 volts. With these voltage and charging current 16 amperes, the time required to recharge the battery was only 2.5 hours. Furthermore, when using a voltage of 380 volts, 32 amperes, the charging battery only took 44 minutes. How Quite interesting!

No less interestingly, the ability to travel with a car full of diesel fuel tank (25 liters), plus the battery was 690 kms. For the battery itself, the distance could be reached for 50 kms. The car was also equipped with brake energy regeneration (BER) or it was widely known in general by KERS.

Lights. This section used an innovative lightweight materials technology in the interior. That was, among others, head-up display (HUD) in three dimensions. The roof and glass doors were made from polycarbonate in which it automatically became darker when the light hit highlight.
To make his performance style, it opened the car door with gull-wing style (gullwing) opening onto the side. Formula1 body design was adopted so that the value of aerodynamics, was rendering its 0.22.

Another innovative technology was displayed that proud of this car of BMW was the lights with a very bright lighting. In addition, these lamps also provided a unique symbiosis of light around it.

No less interestingly, it was a combination of LED lighting design on the front and back of the car, according to BMW, it would create the future design trends. Because the lights were integrated or being a unity of design throughout the car body. In fact, the rear lights were also served as a deflector. For this reason, BMW dare said that hybrids of the Vission of Efficient Dynamics was unique!

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