Sunday, April 3, 2011

Horney humbly talk about long way of fully challenging race

Milton Keynes - The fantastic and positive results are recorded for Sebastian Vettel at the Australian GP last week did not really make the brilliant team principal of Christian Horner satisfied. In fact, he considered too far to think of Red Bull Racing will dominate the challenging competition.

Vettel successfully complete his first pole position with a fantastic victory this year at the Albert Park circuit. The agile German rider was staying would be difficult to overcome.

Moreover, It's not a few drivers who claimed to trouble-ridden RB7 speed chase Vettel. After all, this opinion does not make Horner complacent.

"I has a doubt that we are going to win easily. We recognize Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso will be very competitive in the next series, "said Horner, Planet F1 was introduced on Sunday (03/04/2011).

"We are happy to think of Red Bull to dominate challenging race, but previous history proved that it was never easy. We can not underestimate your strong opponent, "added Horner.

" Elegant Ferrari with the history, quality and resources, they will come back with agile Fernando Alonso may be on the next series. We also observe the steps of an uncompetitive McLaren in the preseason is now experiencing a lot of improved modifications, "lid Horner.

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