Monday, April 4, 2011

Honda EV-neo: Electric Scooter

Honda Motor Co.., Ltd.. today introduced the final prototype EV-neo, a scooter (scooter), electric and plans to sell it in December 2010 specifically to consumer delivery business (courier), in Japan.
Honda EV-neo was designed as an electric scooter that has a high durability, making it suitable for businesses-freight (courier). In addition, the electric scooter is also very energy efficient and environmentally friendly because it uses a lithium ion battery to move it.
According to Honda, to fill the stun on the battery EV-neo users can take advantage of the electrical connector at home. With the power of electricity, the EV-neo claimed to have a performance comparable to gasoline with a capacity of 50cc motorcycles.
EV-neo alone had previously been introduced to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 took place

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