Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Honda Brio Jazz- Expected in India on March 2011

As for specs, the construction of a 1.2-liter displacement engine valves properly constructed and inserted into the futuristic car. The propulsion system is responsible for producing power and torque. Navigation system is excellent and up to the mark. There are other features like box suspended sustainable tool, brake, accelerator, steering wheel, flexible exhaust diffuser, carbon, but adjustable odometer, speedometer, shock absorbers and other car accessories that will update the status of this futuristic car. This model will be powered super car with gasoline engine with an optional tailgate. tailgate properly adjusted to allow car passengers to enter the car easily.
 Brio Honda Jazz for the first time in konceptbil lille, udføre der Vil forventningen Bilister op to om. futuristisk Honda c / køretøjer brændstof Økonomisk mother, og det mest Nå kore villages higher wax uden Oplev teknisk backup. Honda Jazz Brio Koncept ikke Vogna villages have left frame, og med LAEDA optrækkelige justerbar bilsæder dækning. Køretøjer Futuristiske vile den bedre have udvendige design.

In a conference, general director of Honda said its group of companies manufacturing small cars with a well designed chassis and interior design. Four-wheel drive will be well decorated with fenders and spacers. The front of the car will be designed with grills and accessories from the projector. tire wings are usually installed to prevent water overflow from the mud. The engineers have done a lot of research to protect the sides of the shoes. These small cars are very unique in design. Inside the compartment of the car, we can find a number of sophisticated tools and automotive accessories. properly adjusted seats, navigation tools in the accessories of the street and the car will be used to improve the aesthetics of the car. Driving ergonomics and more profitable for car users to move forward.
 Regarding the technical specifications, a 1.2 liter engine with cylinder capacity properly constructed and valves inserted inside the futuristic car. The powertrain has the competence to produce power and torque. The navigation system is excellent and up to the mark. There are other features such as suspension Toolbox durable, brakes, accelerator, steering wheel, flexible exhaust, carbon diffuser, odometer with adjustable accuracy, speed, shock absorbers and other accessories vehicle, which will improve the conditions of this futuristic car. This unique car will be driven and fueled by gasoline with an option to tailgate. Properly adjusted tailgate will allow car passengers to ride in the car easily.

from : http://autombem.com/2109/honda-brio-jazz-expected-in-india-on-march-2011


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