Saturday, April 9, 2011

Historical Old car was moved by 21 700 cc engine

Mefistofele STORY begins in 1908, when Fiat introduced the Grand Prix race car lap SB4 installing router system using the chain to the rear wheels. After seeing their performance on the racecourse, Sir Ernest Eldridge from England bought the vehicle for efforts to break the speed record.

One of the constraints at that time. The original engine with a capacity of 18.0 liters was considered small by Elridge. That was why he decided to replace these machines with liquid-cooled aircraft engines made by Fiat with a capacity of 21.7 liters.

Line 6-cylinder engine is coded A-12 bus is capable of producing 320 hp at 1,800 rpm after being upgraded in some components, such as the installation of four valves and four spark plugs in each cylinder.

To be able to carry large aircraft engines and heavy, Eldridge extend the chassis SB4 use London bus components. As for turning the wheels behind him, he still uses a system of chains as on a motorcycle.

The most bizarre, this vehicle is only equipped with a rear brake so it is very difficult to control even the most seasoned racers. And the most interesting, the experts so far have not found the mechanism that is owned vehicle to be back, even to the present.

Mefiosfele own designation given by the journalists at that time because the vehicle often produce smoke and explosions of the engine. The term appears to coincide with the broke the speed record in Arpajon, France on July 12, 1942.

When the vehicle with a length of 5.1 meters weighs 2 tons was successfully recorded a speed of 234.980 km / h is driven solely by Eldridge. This moment is also listed as registration activities last land speed record that was held on public roads. Although the record only lasted for 32 days, but the popularity of Fiat Mefistofele last more than a century after his birth.

In 1969, Fiat Chairman Giovanni Agnelli bought the car from the heirs of Eldridge and ship back to Italy to be restored as a whole in order to complement the company's historical collection.

The car is working perfectly and can be witnessed in the Centro Storico Fiat (Fiat History Center) in Turin, Italy. But unfortunately, they do not have a video that describes when the vehicle in action.

This vehicle has also been featured at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Mefistofele capacity of 21.7 liter engine is intentionally placed right next to the Fiat 500 TwinAir 0.9 liter engine capacity.

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