Monday, April 4, 2011

Hayden get lucky for raining to take his first podium

Jerez - Nicky Hayden gladly felt his first unforgetable podium this lucky season, after finishing in third. Ducati's describes itself does not have a special way to be on the podium. However, Hayden exactly praised the excellent performance of the motorbikes path bulldoze wet.

Agile drivers from the United States is starting the race from 11th position. Slowly but surely, Hayden can go to the front ranks, including inherit from some unlucky drivers who had fallen. Hayden took advantage of a Ben Spies and Colin Edwards fell to the gravel.

"The rain made the truly worse race. Actually, I do not think too much about whether the race will run dry or wet. But, there are hopefully advantages with this wet race, and I finished in third position,"said Hayden was quoted as Autosports, Sunday (3 / 4 / 2011).

Hayden called the Ducati is one of the fastest motor circuit, as they travel over the wet asphalt. "Initially we were really good. I think the bike is very good in several laps early, or when it was raining pretty hard," said Hayden.

"But, when it begins to dry all become difficult. Especially in the final laps I could not open the gas to the fullest. Luckily the tire was still able to work well. I am aware, there are some incidents that helped me to be on the podium,"said Hayden.

The Kentucy Kid to thank the talented Ducati team that has facilitated and helped him so far, to be on the prestigious podium in the 2011 season.

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