Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you ever heard about sintetic gasoline ? You should observe more

Increasingly large number of vehicles is a challenge and an opportunity for Cella Energy. Because the need for energy to run a vehicle is bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, energy or alternative vehicles today have various limitations.

It is described that the most ideal fuel is hydrogen. Because the combustion produces no carbon emissions. The problem of hydrogen-fueled cars are generally still in the stage-concept having a lot of obstacles. The same thing happened on the electric vehicle. Even the conventional engine uses gasoline, diesel, and gas prices are more expensive because of increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Hydrogen prototype hydrogen-fueled cars are now quite complex and high risk. Because the hydrogen is melted to a temperature of minus 253 degrees Celsius. Then hydrogen cait is compressed into a high-pressure cylinders or tanks, 10,000 psi or 700 bar.

This is not only confusing to design the car manufacturer, but it is also where hydrogen filling stations. it need the cost of expensive and specialized skills to handle it.

As Alternative way chosed, it is changed and composed of hydrogen into directly electrical energy or fuel cell (FC) to take canister of low-pressured hydride metal. The problem which it is difficult to carry.

Hybrid and Electric Gasoline and diesel Energy? Oil fuel prices continue to soar or abysmally. For another problem, arson is causing carbon emissions. With demand for carbon emissions are more stringent, the manufacturing cost of machine is more expensive. This is what causes the producer was forced to introduce electric cars and hybrids.

The problem reveal that lithium-ion batteries used in electric or hybrid cars (plug-in) technology is still new. Whereas electric charging infrastructure is very limited. Another problem, making electric cars is less attractive in a while the battery is only able to distance of 160 kilometers.

In fact, based on research, the desires of the vehicle, once filled, can be to travel 500 km in order not be seized by the phenomenon of anxiety or worry about a strike. Another obstacle is pointed out that the price of electric cars are still expensive because it must use the new drive components.

Hydrogen Energy or Fuel Cell Energy used for its base of cell energy is hydrogen. It is just different ways to package or form. Hydrogen is no longer cooled or thawed. Because it also does not need high pressure tank.

Cella Energy exploit the advantages of nano-structures. Furthermore, hydrogen or hydride is packed by coaxial electrospinning process with micro-fibers of the polymer. It is like Twenty-third fiber size diameter of a human hair. Furthermore, the structure of the hydride fuel is encased by the polymer core. The outside function is as a safety and saving hydrides, as well as a filter (chemistry). Therefore, this concept is considered 100 percent safe plus the cost of production is cheaper.

In this way, hydrogen refilling can be done in a few minutes, like gessoline or diesel. It takes only a few modifications. It is said, can also be used in vehicles with fuel cell system (hydrogen present).

Tank for this fuel or synthetic gasoline is still the conventional form and those are placed as the position now. Because it does not require high pressure or low temperature, the existing infrastructure can be directly used.

It is said, the concept is the same as pouring the additive into gasoline. Density or energy content can be tailored to the needs of the industry!

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