Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hamilton try to prove for the following real McLaren perfomance

Woking - Lewis Hamilton's convinced that Malaysian Grand Prix race which took place next week, McLaren will show the real power in Formula One (F1), this season. Hamilton had to be satisfied with finishing in second place, at the inaugural race in Australia, where the race was dominated by Red Bull driver, Sebastian Vettel. However, Hamilton is optimistic that McLaren will be able to win at Sepang Circuit.

"With the optimal speed, we showed in Melbourne, I think we can achieve excellent results in Malaysia," commented Hamilton. "Albert Park is a good trajectory, but circuits like Sepang is a excellent place where the optimal ability of each car will be clearer."
Agile Hamilton is convinced to compete in the Sepang Circuit. The reason, he considered that KERS system can increase maximum performance cars, so they can maximize the speed of the MP4-26 at the time of the qualifying session and race at the Sepang's circuit next week.
"I can not wait to take the complicated KERS system and DRS on this path. The system is phenomenal on this track, and I think both systems will make our cars look sensational, especially during the qualifying session,"continued by the quick driver from England.
"Our solid team obtained significant experience of failure in Melbourne. It looks like the bone between the bib and damaged a car chassis, which affects car performance at the end of the race," added former F1 champion officially told Autosport, Saturday

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