Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go the top, Vettel did not want boasts

Sepang: Success at two competitions beginning of Formula One can not make Sebastian Vettel arrogant. Red Bull stated that the slick was not able to guarantee him for the title they won this season.

After winning the opening race at the Australian Grand Prix two weeks ago, Vettel add to the coffers of its value to 50 after the rule of GP malaysia few days ago.

His position is still shadowed by Jenson Button, who finished in second place at Sepang, and still 24 points a drift. Vettel's main strength is admitted to lie in the lap 30, when the technical team Red Bull gave him the command to turn off the power KERS, which adds to the car's speed.

But instead of slowing the car, Vettel was even more to leave Lewis Hamilton who kept following him since the beginning of the race. But although it can leave while its competitors, the youngest champion in the event the pole position was unwilling boasted. "Can two-race champion at the beginning is good. Currently, all emang look good. But the journey is still long, "said Vettel, Monday.

Vettel will be back at Chinese GP, 17 April. Vettel admitted his team achieving a beautiful result today is the fruit of hard work throughout the test last winter. "If this is the result of hard work that we will continue to do so. We can not stop doing it, "stated by the German driver.

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