Sunday, April 24, 2011

Geely McCar implies Vehicle into the Vehicle

Apparently one of the most imaginative concept cars that never appeared in the Shanghai auto show this week not from Japan, Germany, France or America, but from local manufacturers China ... Geely.

Indeed this is an ultra-compact four-passenger car with two doors with a package of built-in three-wheeled scooter powered folding electricity that is stored in the back. When the scooter is in its dock, battery and electric motor on the car sharing to increase mileage when the car is running on all-electric mode whilst ensuring scooter batteries are always in full condition.

This vehicle was created to have two choices, one petrol-electric hybrid engine, the other equipped with electric drive. Geely is indeed regarded as one of the global automotive players due to their dynamic leadership of Li Shufu as Henry Ford called his Chinese.

Geely recently it has acquired Volvo, but the majority of new vehicles on display at the booth of Geely completely separate, which confirms that the company's future growth in China is sure to involve creativity and knowledge of their own markets.

With the existence of various problems such as energy crisis, urban congestion and air pollution in China to make vehicles that are named Geely McCar will surely diproduski mass and is believed to be the best-selling vehicle in the local market.

McCar own name is short for 'Magic Car'. This vehicle is a car that offers a second vehicle in a single integrated package. The concept vehicle in the vehicle had previously been disosorkan by General Motors (GM) through the Flextreme Concept, 2007, which integrate them in the back of a Segway.

In addition to GM, a similar concept has also been offered by Honda through the vehicle battery 2009 with EV-N-wheeled personal mobility single U3-X embedded into the car door. Suzuki also did not want to miss with Pixy + SSC Concept 2007.

Geely McCar electrically seemed perfect for the environment. He is equipped with a capacity of 12 kWh battery capable of providing power cruising speed of 150 km with a maximum of up to more than 83 km / hour.

As for McCar hybrid model, equipped only 8 kWh battery capacity to run only on electric mode as far as 50 km. However, the gasoline engine can be used to reach a distance of 600 km.

With this electric scooter in it, then package these vehicles have an additional distance of about 29 km longer time has been parked McCar ... amazing ... It turns out that technological developments in the country already sejau Bamboo Curtain.

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