Friday, April 22, 2011

Geely is representative for the host of Shanghai Auto 2011

SHANGHAI - China has now become the focus of business and world automotive industry. The reason, sales of cars in the country the highest in the world in the last two years. Last year reached 17.2 million units. Compare with the United States is only 11.5 million units.

Therefore, not surprisingly, at the Shanghai Auto Show that took place today, rush to join more and more for big producers, both from Germany, Japan, the United States, France, Italy and France came to China to peddle their products.

But that is not less attractive, the development of China's car industry with its own brand was also developed rapidly. Shanghai Auto Show 2011 was used to show up.

We could judge, most of the products on display are "copy-paste". That's reality! Even the Chinese media, such as China Autoweb calls the copy-paste model with the addition of the name of the imitated car. For example Geely Emgrand EC6-RV is similar to the Mini Cooper, written Geely "Mini Cooper" Emgrand EC6-RV.

Emgrand itself is a sub-brand from Geely that membindik middle-class consumers in the country. Well, Emgrand targeted as cheap car.

Dimensions Emgrand EC6 is a mini-RV. This can be seen from the length of 3845 mm, width 1763 mm, height 1430 mm and 2361 mm wheelbase. Offered with two engine 1.5 liter and 1.3 liter turbocharger. Furthermore, to move power to the wheels, the options offered 6-speed manual transmission or automatic double clutch (dual-clutch transmission).

Amazingly, this little car is also equipped with telematic G-Netlink, CAN bus technology, and smart key to start the engine simply by touching button.

If you have this, then, China is no longer just "cheat", but has developed further in accordance with the development of the market!

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