Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Futuristic Chevrolet Mi-ray, Chosen As Best Concept Cars

SEOUL - Chevrolet's latest concept car on display at the Seoul Motor Show 2011 which took place at this time, the Mi-ray roadster concept car was optioned as best by the outstanding media at the great event. In this international event, the exhibition committee invites the accurate journalists to select a favorite car in three categories, namely Best Concept Car, Green (Environmentally Friendly) Best Green Car and best passenger Car. .

Mi-ray that makes debut or "world premiere" in Seoul, gets the most votes for the concept car. "This award is given to the Chevrolet concept car first exhibited in Korea," commented President and CEO of GM Korea, Mike Arcamone about the victory. "This car reflects the vision and new ideas Chevrolet in the future," he added.

Design Korea
Mi-ray is a concept car developed by Chevrolet at the Design Studio in Seoul. This car combines the latest hybrid technology and futuristic penampila, as well as show a symbol of the Chevrolet design vision for the future.

Added, Mi-ray also continue the Chevrolet sports car characteristics, such as 1963 and SPADA Monza Corvair Super Spyder in 1962. The roof can be opened, use the scissor doors, aerodynamic body features such as combat aircraft today.

The excellent result, is a compact roadster with futuristic design and unique.The dimensions of this concept car: length: 3991 mm, width 1865 mm and height of 1110 m (very flat) and wheelbase 2375 mm.

Mi-Ray as a futuristic concept car called the Chevrolet "mid power" which maximizes the powerfuel capacity and efficiency. These elegant cars exploit electric motors when the use in the city. So if you wish to speed up, this car directly move the gasoline engine 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine with turbocharger and an additional electric motor. Other advanced Technolog is included by the start-stop system to save fuel.

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