Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ferrari will focus on fixing speed perfomance

MARANELO - Ferrari past the opening match in Australia with disappointing. Not surprisingly, the management team intends to improve the speed of Ferrari car. Initially, the established Italian car manufacturer arrived in Melbourne with truly high expectations, after passing many tests admirably. Unfortunately during the competitive qualifying session took place, Fernando Alonso finished only fifth, while Felipe Massa in eighth position.

Brilliant Deputy director of engineering Pat Fry said Ferrari, the Ferrari was quite satisfied with the pace car during the race. Not surprisingly, the speed of the focus of solid Ferrari team, before re-rolling races in Malaysia.

"After the first competitive race in Australia, we have spent time analyzing the data from the race in Melbourne, and one clear fact is, our current speed is obviously better race than qualifying,"said Fry told Autosport, Tuesday (04/05/2011).

"Indeed, most of all depends on how our car in choosing a tire, when compared with dibalapan car speed, then we're focused on improving the performance of the car on every single lap," he continued.

"Additionally, we also consider other important factors such as aerodynamics, and observe the area where we can exploit more, so the potential of the car can be seen. The results of this study, made us prepare for the test program," he said.

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