Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ferrari fate in the Third Rank for whole session of this year

F1 racing has entered the third round, but Ferrari has not even won the race. Former Renault team boss, Flavio Briatore, directly convicte Ferrari this squad if this year could be only ranked third."Ferrari will not be able to challenge the Red Bull this year."

Briatore today criticized the Ferrari because he led Fernando Alonso, Ferrari's flagship. It is impossible, he said,Ferrari could poke into the future. Only three series have already missed 55 points behind Red Bull. Rest of three weeks before continuing again in Turkey, a period to improve the F150.

Ferrari team boss, Stefano Domenicali acknowledges that it is notpossible to do quick fixes, particularly the problems experience less good performance of the car.

"WAG is important, but the car is much more important," he said,as quoted by The Times F1. He continued, if a rider is verycompetitive, competitive car makes a difference, but could be not only because Fernando had a problem with the car.

In his eyes, Ferrari less creative, not like Red Bull who have automotive professors, Adrean Neway. It had been so, added Briatore, Red Bull have strong financial and equipment qualified. So, it is worth if RedBull can dominate the race.

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