Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ferrari Auction initiated by "Daft Punk" for Japan Disaster

UNITED STATES- Earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan's storm has been heartbreaking music group of Daft Punk. charity package and hopefully rewarding for those who offered crazy fan of Ferrari at the same time of a band from the French. An black Ferrari manufactured in 1987 who has came up in video clips "Electroma" of two French musicians who usually perform with the robot helmet will be auctioned on eBay.

Later, the buyers not only obtain the "honor" with an amazing collection of Ferrari, but also get the "legalization" that Ferrari is true of Daft Punk because the license plate will be signed by the personnel. The excellent results of this important auction will then be donated to the Japanese Red Cross which then is used to help repair the country's great earthquake and tsunami that occurred on Friday (03/11/2011).

This meaningful auction is one of several talented and famous artists of social action in one management of record label EMI against disaster. In addition to Daft Punk, some well-known celebrities give their favorite items, like a jacket from Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Katy Perry's trampoline.

Auction can be viewed with the link and will be offered on 11-15 April 2011. However, if you just want to simply observe appearance in the Ferrari 412 Daft Punk video clips, we can see it in

For your information, Ferrari 412 configured for 2+2 seating and using transmission made by General Motors. Sport sedan with engine capacity of 4943 cc and powered by 340 PS it is claimed as the first Ferrari to use ABS brake technology.

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