Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fastest Car in the World

Fastest Car in the World
According to Xinhua, the railway passenger conventional modifications China recently scored a record speed of 486 km per hour. Here's the world's fastest vehicle. 
Fastest Car in the World
The types of trains in other countries that have achieved high speed. Namely, a modified French TGV train specifically to reach 574.8 km per hour during a test 2007. Japanese magnetic train moving at a speed of 581 km per hour in 2003.

The speed was easily break the world's fastest car speed. But nothing compared to the fastest plane. Here's a list of the fastest vehicles in history.

Ie the fastest car Thrust SSC (supersonic car with a speed of 1,227,986 miles per hour). This car is a record that at one point 1,600 meters in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada in 1997.

Fastest production car, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a top speed reached 431 072 km per hour. This car appeared in 2010.

Motorcycles (official), the fastest, Bub Lucky 7 Streamliner capable of driving at a speed of 591,244 km per hour. This Motor Speedway scoring his record at Bonneville, Utah in 2009.

Motorcycles (unofficially) the fastest, Top Oil-Ack Attack Streamliner capable of driving at a speed of 605,697 km per hour. The record is printed on the Bonneville Speedway, Utah in 2010. The fastest boat, 'Spirit of Australia' capable of driving with a speed 511.13 miles per hour in 1970.

Fastest helicopter, Westland Lynx Lynx G-800 capable of driving at a speed of 401 km per hour in 1986. The fastest manned spacecraft, Apollo 10 capable of driving at a speed of 39,896 km per hour in 1969

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