Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exclusive Shiny Cars of UK Millionaire

There is very ifferent way done by Theo Paphitis to indicate social status. British millionaire owns a Maybach 62s with all the extra body surface gleaming with chrome-coated paint. Then, this premium sedan was deliberately parked in Regent street, London, to attract people's views.

The price of a Maybach 62s owned by Theo reached 830,000 pounds. However, this value is certainly increased since the color to paint the exclusive car ordered by the British millionaire is quite special.

For information, enter the name of Theo's 600 richest people in the world name. His main business is a business in the field of writing tools with Ryman store sales network. Wealth is estimated at more than 210 million pounds. So, just to have a Maybach is painted by chrome which it is not expensive something for Theo.

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