Friday, April 22, 2011

Even you have general knowledge about it. Hopefully, you should follow this easy way to solve or prevent problematic power steering

One of the components of the car that convenience is important to support the power steering device. Thanks to the devices, you do not have to take pains to control the car, especially when parking or turning towards the car's speed.

However, not least among car owners who ignore the condition of the device. They generally believe and believe the power steering was fine, the article when driving a car there are no symptoms of damage.

"Whereas in the power steering damage, especially the use of mechanical systems with liquid fluid, starting from small things."

Indeed, power steering with electronic systems designed by the manufacturer has a longer life and requires no special care. Therefore, discussed in this paper is the power steering with a mechanical system that uses a liquid fluid to move the steering box.

So what if the device due to defects or problems, in addition to steering wheel controls to be heavy? Droplets or oil seepage power steering, said Aang, actually dangerous when exposed in a hot engine parts.

"Because the potential to cause fires. On the foreign cars that have pulled something like that, but in our lack of understanding to be considered normal. "

Also, when you've accustomed to using the power steering which can easily control the car, then when the device was suddenly broken apart uncomfortable reflex also will not be quick. Although seem trivial, but the result can be fatal.

"Moreover, damage to power steering is also difficult to recognize the symptoms at a glance."

So how do I recognize the symptoms of the damage? What should be done to prevent damage or problems? Here are tips :

1. Recognize the symptoms of damage

How to recognize this problem is easy-easy to difficult. Because the symptoms of which is on the steering wheel and do not often arise. So we need extra precision.

"Due to sudden heavy steering wheel when the driver wanted to turn his car, or on when looking for a parking space. Such symptoms sometimes do not realize the car owner."

High accuracy is also required when listening to whether or not there buzzing sound when the car turns. In general, the driver or car owner considers buzzing sound as normal phenomenon in the car.

They often assume that the voice is coming from the tires rubbing against the path traversed. In fact, the phenomenon is a sign of power steering problems. Similarly, the steering wheel that feels heavy as the car turned.

2. How to prevent

How to prevent problematic for devices that do not actually quite easy. There are three things you need to do.

First, observe carefully whether the color of brake fluid has turned black. Power steering oil is still good if it is usually red (there is also oil of this device is yellow gold). If it was black, then you should immediately change despite the age of oil consumption has not reached 30 thousand kilometers.

"Most manufacturers recommend replacing the power steering oil every car has to walk 30 thousand miles."

He suggest that for the replacement is done by the mechanic who has the expertise. Because the oil is draining tube which it also had to remove several components. So when apart pairs inappropriate it is a cause new problems, such as leaking seals.

Second, conduct regular checks. Checks can you do when changing engine oil and so forth. Observe also the volume of oil, do not let the oil level below the minimum.

Because, if that happens then the seal will be damaged. The cost of repairs should you spend to improve it are also quite a lot.

Third, make sure the drive belt or a belt drive device connected with the engine in good condition. If it turns out that the component has worn - with signs of cracks on the inside or the threads of the framework developed visible belt should be replaced immediately.

The reason is, when the power steering belt broke will not work even though the car still drove, and usually the driver is not aware. "However, the level of reflex when the driver maneuvered the car will be slow. If not realized could endanger either themselves or others, "said Aang.

Fourth, for power steering is not easily damaged should not impose the steering wheel rotated until fixed. Usually, the owners turned the car steering wheel to speak "Click"

Yet that same driving style as well as forcing the device to work is very hard to spin the wheel from one extreme position to another position. As a result, the supporting components are easily damaged.

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