Friday, April 1, 2011

Elegant Kia Naimo, Unique Stylish Electric Crossover for you

Seoul - Authorized South Korean carmaker, Kia Motors, carves a new wonderful history. It's really concerned with the happy celebration of Seoul Motor Show 2011 beginning today, the fantastic manufacturer had launched an electric-powered crossover.

The interesting page of and on Thursday (31 / 3) report that it is named by Naimo crossover - from the Korean language, Nehmo, meaning the box - designed by Kia's talented global team based in Seoul. The amazing car combines the Korean's mixed elements of art, technological sophistication, and unique skills.

"Overall design is simple but unique. Sunroof asymmetrical windscreen which surrounds the sides and front of the car, as well as headlights Light Emitting Diode (LED) that use the points are some of the uniqueness of it," said Kia statement.

Another uniqueness is Naimo not use the wipers as the car in general. Instead of erasing a splash of water in the glass when it rains, Kia install devices capable of blowing high pressure air under the glass.

The use of design and some of these features is a blend between traditional elements Korea with the latest technology.

Naimo carries an electric motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor PMSM. The motor is claimed to be capable of producing power to 80 kilowatts (or 107 horsepower) and torque of 280 Newton meters. As an energy storage stun a lithium ion polymer battery with a capacity of 27 kilowatt hours of mounted below the car deck.

When the battery is fully charged, the car was able to travel distances up to 200 kilometers. Charging process is easy, when using the quick way it only takes 25 minutes and the battery is 80 percent. However, when using the standard way takes 5.5 hours.

Another attraction of Naimo is, the elegance of the interior space. A cross between traditional and modern elements to create a sense of comfort to anyone who entered it.

Modern elements in the cabin seen in the futuristic design style. The impression that radiate from the instrument panel using transparent organic LEDs.

Only, until now wonderful Kia Motors did not submit formal information whenever the elegant car was massively produced and marketed, including the price set.

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