Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Electric Motor KTM Freeride

KTM Freeride, the electric motor company's latest flagship motocross specialists from Austria, today launched simultaneously with the ongoing Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010. Items present one and a half years after the KTM set commitment to build electric motors that staying will be the basis of environmentally friendly motor KTM in the future.
"The project is very important for KTM Freeride KTM brand. Because we are a world leader in off-road motorcycle, it has become imperative for us to show the friendly attitude towards the environment, "said Head of Sales KTM Sportmotorcycle AG Hubert Trunkenpolz during a press conference in Tokyo today. He added, though moves electrically, but the Freeride can still be used for racing dirt bikes like KTM another.
KTM Freeride will be priced below 10,000 Euro (about USD 121 million) also said to have endurance like a conventional fuel-powered motor. "The performance of the motor weighing 100 kg is not only comparable with products powered by fuel 2-stroke 125cc. He's also water resistant, able to cope with dust and mud, providing a steady control, and high berkeselamatan, "added COO Harald Plöckinger KTM.
Harald add 22KW power generated Freeride is a new performance form the currency unit of electric battery that has been patented globally KTM.
Meanwhile, KTM said Freeride Enduro sport model will be released starting next year.

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