Friday, April 15, 2011

Comprehensive discussion about advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy

Lately, there are the incessant problems of energy and its impact on the environment. The following will explain the various energy and environmental problems.

Fossil Fuels
As we know fossil fuels are non-renewable fuels, the following explanation:

In 2005 commencing coal supplies 26% of world energy. Most is used in power plants. It is estimated that coal will run out 252 years from now.

Crude oil
In 2005, oil supplies 35% of world energy. 90% of cars use gasoline as fuel. Oil can be used to generate electricity and interests of chemical industry. It is estimated that oil will run out only in 32 years.

Natural Gas
In 2005, gas supplies 25% of the world's energy, it is used for cooking and also warming home and industrial processes, it is mostly channeled through pipes. 72 years is expected to run out again.
Famous fossil fuels will be polluting the environment. Global warming in the world are caused by carbon dioxide gas or carbon monooxide generated from combustion.

For problems which those were created by other more environmentally friendly fuel, include:

Hydrogen is contained in many substances such as water (H2O), which it will not run out. Hydrogen release only water vapor emissions as a result of combustion. Hydrogen is very light and it has great energy, spacecraft can travel vast distances with little hydrogen. the disadvantage is also very much. Examples: Hydrogen needs to be separated from water by electrolysis very expensively. The process of electrolysis requires energy derived from fossil fuels. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are very expensive so the price is not affordable. Gas needs to be compressed which it requires expensive cost and very dangerous manufacture.

In the bowels of the earth's stored thermal energy is large. That energy can be utilized by pumping cold water into the earth's surface through a pipe, when it is returned, the water had become hot and it can rotate the turbine. Its construction is quite cheap. The drawback is the change in temperature can cause a shift in rock rocks causing earthquakes.

Many ways to generate electricity with water, one of which is to build a dam at the falls. Water falls to rotate turbines and generate electricity. The drawback is that it can happen sediment in the dam so that making the lower volume of water. But the most serious is the destruction of ecosystems because the fish of below and above of the falls become apart and it will damage the food chain. Moreover, it can also build wave power plant. But the amount of electricity generated depends on the strength of the waves, and those are also easily damaged.

In 2005, wind energy is to supply 1% of world energy. Energy is generated through large turbines. Wind energy is perfect energy because it does not pollute and it does not rely on fossil fuels. The disadvantage is that the wind only generates less electricity. Most people assume that the wind can damage the landscape which it was built in the middle of the sea. It can also interfere with the migratory birds which it accidentally flew toward him. The biggest wind turbines is located in Norway, Turbine is supplying 25% of Norway's energy needs.

Solar Cells
Solar cells are composed of silicon voice which it can trap electrons. Solar cells are now widely used in homes. Solar cells depends strongly on the intensity of sunlight, and those still have a lot to be developed so still less practical.

Nuclear is a large potential energy source. Energy is derived from uranium derived from the mine. Nuclear energy is very large, 1 KG Uranium (U-235) is resemble to or equal to 3.000.000 kgs of coal. Nuclear also does not cause pollution (smoke coming out of the chimney make only high-temperature oxygen-gray). The downside is still radioactive waste generated so hard to throw it away. Leaks of nuclear occur too severe, in 1987, explosion of a nuclear reactor in Russia caused thousands of people dead and many people affected by cancer, for week the wind blew the radioactive cloud (gamma rays () to all of Europe. In this era, reactor is equipped with a safety system so that when accidents occuring to reactor can be closed only in a few seconds.

Vehicle emissions are the largest contributor to global warming. Here is described an alternative vehicle choice:

Solar Car
This car produces no pollution at all. Scientists have developed a car running with a speed of 40 km / h. during cloudy weather. In Australia, solar cars held the competition as far as 3.000KM. The drawback of this car is too light and so dangerous.

Electric Cars
Electric car battery-powered electricity for the energy produces no pollution at all. Batteries should be charged before use. But this car has so many shortcomings which those are not widely used. The downside is, this car can travel only a distance of 9 km before having to be recharged (petrol cars can run up to 300 km before recharged.) Also, the energy used to recharge mostly from fossil fuels that produce pollution.

Hybrid Cars
Once considered an ordinary car is very efficient but it produce much pollution, and it is better to non-polluting electric cars but very inefficient, then the hybrid car was found as the combined concept of automobile and electrical machinery. In hybrid cars, energy is derived from gasoline and battery. When driving in high speed, the car uses gasoline, and it uses the battery when running low or when jammed. This proved successful because of the pollution came mostly when the car stalled. To regulate the use of gasoline and batteries, the car is equipped with a computer, which it can warn the dangers of driving, for example, an alarm will sound when the driver is not wearing a seatbelt.

Biodiesel Cars
Car fueled by biodesel use fuel from food, for example, corn. This car does produce pollution, but the plant is used for fuel reducing the CO2 while still growing, so if the count is calculated for precisely beneficial nature. Lack of this car is the world's food could be sold for step because of this fuel. For example last year's soybean crisis was in Indonesia so that soybean prices jumped sharply, as farmers in Brazil would prefer to sell maize, it is mostly used to fuel these cars. Later it has created a car with fuel cocoa, soybeans, etc.. Also in Japan has successfully tested the aircraft using the Bio-diesel which it is not lost with the oil-fueled aircraft concerning to flight speed.

Car using Wind Energy (latest discovery)
This car only needs energy to propel the car from rest. After the walk, this car can get energy from the wind blowing from the front of the car. When run, this car did not require energy. Only one drawback is fatal to the car, the voice is like a jet engine when it is turned on.

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