Friday, April 8, 2011

Chevrolet Colorado in the Sensational pickup Multifunction

Dozens of old cars on display at the Royal Thai Navy Hall, Bangkok, Thailand, on March 21 last evening. All same brands are Chevrolet. That day the U.S. giant automaker, General Motors (GM), celebrating the 100th anniversary. Age is at once a century celebration marred the launch of a prototype of all new Chevrolet Colorado.

So why launch the All New Chevrolet Colorado was held in Bangkok, Thailand? "Thailand is a mid size market in the world's largest pickup truck, so the country became the perfect location to launch this latest Colorado," said Martin Apfel, president of GM Thailand / Southeast Asia & Chevrolet Sales (Thailand).

According to data of GM Thailand, pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles to fill about 57 percent market share in the land of white elephant.

GM did not play the market working in Southeast Asia. Although the latest generation developed by the Colorado Division of GM's Global Product Development, pickup trucks have been adapted to the Southeast Asian market.

To demonstrate its seriousness, GM put its senior technicians stayed for several months in Thailand. GM Technicians observe and observe the Thai community in the use of pickup trucks everyday and in various fields.

Latest Colorado comes with a longer chassis and all-wheel-drive. Tire size 20 inch off-road type. Colorado Kitchen spur 2.8 L engine-driven turbo-diesel is efficient and has better torque. Colorado haulage designed to maximize and improve drivability and fuel efficiency.

Compared to previous generations, the latest generation Colorado exterior appearance suggests fierce and modern. Headlamp-like model of the Chevrolet Cruze sedan gives the feel of elegance on New Chevrolet Colorado.

Solid body design that encloses the chassis is expected to devour all-terrain. At the front, Colorado performing with characteristic gold Chevrolet logo and the dual-port grille with the extractor vents on the hood.

Colorado comes berkelir pepperdust metallic aluminum accent details on the fascia and side step aside and projector style headlamp with LED lighting elements. At the rear, Colorado presents a full-width LED tail-lamp. As a result, the impression of luxury while the direct fire ambush.

Additional detail on the exterior include interesting designs on the back; gray accents on the sides, front, rear and bottom molding; liquid metal rim measuring 20 inches, with gray accents on the port wheel; tires 285/50R20 Cooper Zeon LTZ ; and turn signal LEDs on the side rearview mirror.

Characteristic of the Chevrolet Colorado imprinted on the interior through a dual-cockpit design to the panel door. Interior design gives the impression of a spacious cabin space. In addition, ice-blue lighting and design of high quality leather upholstery and luxurious feel of the modern thrust in Colorado.

Colorado contrast trim design with leather seats. Wood trim and chrome accents are juxtaposed with soft materials so that confirms the impression of a premium. Storage compartment of goods available in the interior, including bins with valuables storage tray and dual glove boxes are great.

Additional features of the Colorado is a dual-zone, digital climate control system, and cutting-edge entertainment technology. Colorado is also equipped with 7-inch LCD in the middle of the dashboard, so easily seen anyone in the car. The driver and passengers were facilitated by the use of navigation systems, Internet access, music, and features hands-free.

With features for entertainment, the New Chevrolet Colorado suitable for families. That is one of the advantages offered by New Colorado than any other competitor.

Colorado is preferred because the model is versatile. Can be used for families, create a fleet (mining), for the streets. Tough on all-terrain performance and comfort.

According to GM Global Vehicle Line Executive Brad Merkel that the new Colorado is suitable for all levels of consumers. "It's not just a truck with one function, but also multi-purpose truck. We want customers to feel proud of this ride, whether for work, take children to school, as well as for off-road," said Merkel.

Unfortunately, GM has not pointed out on a detailed specification of the machine presented in New Chevrolet Colorado because that introduced is still a prototype.

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