Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BMW seriously plan to develop mobile aplication

The integration of mobile applications in elegant cars will be more steady with the BMW step. German car manufacturer is investing in a newly built company that makes smart phone applications.

Previously, BMW had invested in a company called My City Way that provide navigation and traffic services for mobile phones.

BMW considers, in future mobile applications will help them create cars for urban people who want the efficiency rather than power and speed.

IVentures BMW, BMW-owned capital institute currently has offices in Manhattan, United States, preparing for U.S. $ 100 million to develop the company. Its products include applications to find parking slots, transportation routes, and other information that allows drivers on the move in the busy city of London and Shanghai.

Joerg W. Reimann, Managing Director of BMW iVentures, said the company was not afraid that the new business it seems far from BMW's core business is creating a classy car with a premium price. Precisely, said Reimann, the company wants to reach new customers, even if they do not intend to buy a BMW. "We want to increase customer base and broaden the scope of our consumers," he said.

BMW working on urban cars under the brand BMWi. The first model, I3 and I8 will be launched in 2013.

In addition to building superb cars, BMW also hopes to create navigation applications and mobile services for smart phones like the iPhone. "We see great potential in location-based services technology," said Reimann.

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