Monday, April 18, 2011

Awareness of American sport lovers concerning to alternative energy indicated by solar panels will be used by All American Sport Association

Support for the use of solar energy extends into the world of sports in the United States, although the country was not in the equatorial region of the entire region exposed to sunlight throughout the year.

Various professional sports league in the country suggest that all teams contribute in the effort to reduce pollution of the world, by utilizing the solar energy. Associaton from various sports such as baseball, rugby, basketball, football, even hockey, the field is made of ice, moving togather to send announcement/pamflet to each team utilizing solar energy to meet the electricity needs of their stadium.

In that annoucement, the association of inserting a guide the development of solar energy generation system made by the Natural Resources Protection Council, an advocacy agency, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, for every sports team can develop and integrate solar energy generation systems with electrical systems that already they have.

Darryl Benge, Assistant General Manager and Qwest Field and Event Center, Seattle Hawks football team's headquarters to say "You can expect sunshine at Staples Center (Los Angeles, California - west coast region who get more sunshine), but maybe not in Seattle. But with the reputation of our city who are often rainy though, we are keen to generate some of the electrical energy we need, and shows that renewable energy could be could be useful anywhere. "

Gary Bettman as an associate commissioner at the American hockey (NHL) to say how today's global warming campaign is closely related to their sport, because hockey is created because of the winter. "We are very aware that our league, as well as other sports leagues, all need to be a keeper in charge of this planet's ecosystem."

Staples Center itself, one of the few stadiums in the United States who have solar power, could only meet five percent of the total electricity needs by 1727 solar panels on the roof of the stadium, even though it is located in the state receiving rich sunlight. But a senior researcher Protection Council Allen Hershkowitz of Natural Resources said "The division of the guidelines indicates a shift in culture in our thinking about energy."

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