Saturday, April 9, 2011

Audi introduces three superlight wooden bikes

AUDI, as one of outstanding car makers, make a bike? It's true and possible. And what will itdefinitely imagine in your mind? I guess you will imagine a bike made ​​from a lightweight aluminumspaceframe, a material attached to the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt, Germany. Wait a minute!you're wrong this time frame bike made ​​of wood!

To make a bicycle with wooden frame, Audi embrace RenovoDesign, a company which is famous as a maker of bicycle frame made ​​of wood. As a result, Audi now have a bike with a monocoque frame made ​​of hard wood called Duo.

According to Audi, the finest wood offers a smoother ride of the another materials thanks to perfect its ability to absorb shocks and vibrations. Most surprisingly, Audi points out that for every cubic, wood owns a weight of only one quarter of the weight of aluminum.

That means, bicycle alerts with Audi Design Renovo frame is lighter than most other bikes. And more importantly, they still bring strength, durability and toughness are equal to the aluminum frame.

The most prominent of a series of bicycle-wheel drive Audi Duowas not using chains, but the belt drive. In addition, the duo alsobrings features components made ​​of aluminum and carbon fiber,disc brakes and LED lighting. Wood material was chosen to matchthe interior of the Audi car.

Audi Duo is offered in three variants. City Audi Duo, Duo and DuoSport Road which was all made by hand made handmade aliasthat the process worked in the studio Renovo in Portland, OregonUnited States.

As you might guess, this bike has a price is not cheap. For pricingand shipping, Audi Duo City priced U.S. $ 6,530,Audi Sport Duo U.S. $ 7,350 and the Audi DuoRoad to U.S. $ 7,460

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