Friday, April 8, 2011

Audi A8 is Super Luxury, Sophisticated, Anti-Bullet and watch out!

Ingolstadt- Audi, one of the German premium car manufacturer who successfully gain a global sales growth last year, announced it would introduce a special edition of A8 accompanied by "high-security". Typical specifications, Audi's flagship A8 L named Security, incredible - not only from the super security and safety features - also the powerful engine. Even, infotainment and telecommunication systems added for this car and it's the version of the top of the latest technology.

Special Modifications
According to Audi, this sedan specially modified and done by hand by a small shop in Neckarsulm, Germany. Floors and doors added security makes the car into an anti-bullet resistant. Also there is a safety system, the driver can not use the phone while driving a car.

The powerful body of the Audi A8 which was originally made of aluminum, modified again with the concept of the Audi Space Frame (ASF), which is strengthening with steel anti-bullet who spent 450 hours working. Another distinctive feature of the car wheel axis distance (wheel base) is also more elastic than the standard version. The length of the car itself is 5.27 meters

Machine used for the A8 L Security is a W-12, 6.2 liters, which produce power 368 kW (500 PS) and 625 Nm of torque. It's enough for this car to move it increasingly heavy. Weight of the car increases, due to some parts of the body, floor and added a layer of steel doors and bullet-proof glass.

NATO Standards
A8 L is also obtained by a special certification from the German government ballistics testing facility in Munich for ballistic protection standards of VR Class 7 (tested on BRV: Bullet Resistant Vehicle 2009). Testing of the explosion use a standard 2010 Guidelines ERV (ERV: Explosion Resistant Vehicle).

balisitic Test of Class VR 7 on the sedan, is the highest level of security that have been done to civilian vehicles. Gazette plate used for cell passenger has met the standard NATO ammunition is very tight.

Integration of various components of the body, forming a security cell sedan include bulletproof steel, aramid fabric, ceramic, aluminum and glass door of a special blend of multiple layers. Bullet-proof steel which is plated to increase the body weight of 720 kg car.

Side of the body is aluminum, but the inside is coated steel, including special aluminum mixture on the floor that can hold a hand grenade explosion. This is not just theory, and it also conducted tests using a dummy and it's then moved at a no damage. Side mirror, front, is made specifically nad , the inside coated by Polycarbonate to prevent damage if it is still broken.

There is electromechanical opening glass (extra) to the side, the glass can be lowered to get to the bottom. For additional weight of the glass is 300 kg, while the door is 360 kg. The door is equipped by a stop, door stops at the specified position.

"Communication Box"
Other security systems is the "communication box" placed in the trunk plus a spare battery for the device.It can still work when the main energy source is problematic. Terrible, "communication box" is protected by bullet-proof steel. It is explained, if buyers want to ask for extra batteries and fuel tank with higher security, Audi is also ready to enable it.

Another extra is an emergency system with Audi's patented technology. When the driver or rear passenger pressing scalar tamperproof (damaged) and pull the inside door handle, pyrotechnical separate the screws in the hinges to remove the door from the body. The door will fall from the car body with just a little pressure.

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