Friday, April 8, 2011

Audi A8 is Super Luxury, Sophisticated, Anti-Bullet and watch out! (continued)

Oxygen Tube
Another feature of fire extinguishing system is activated by heat through sensors or by pressing a button. Fire Extinguisher fluid flow from two tubes or kanister mounted on the passenger room through two pipes along the floor. The extinguisher nozzle will outomatically spray floor, gas tank and the engine room.

It is also provided for emergency fresh water system via the two oxygen tubes are placed in safe areas (protected). Just by pressing a button, the system will drain from the fresh water into the interior through vents in the roof. Can it meet current needs through dangerous areas or red zones.

The system works with generate pressure on the interior of the vehicle to prevent the poisonous gas into the cabin. Moreover, it is called by Audi "safety net start", the machine is turned on via radio signals.

Also there is an extractor of smoke from the passenger compartment, LED signals system in convoy condition, lights flash, siren and radio system is running a professional, flag pole, permanent phone, accident data recorder (black box) behind the camera to view the situation, plus a heated windshield glass partially heated side. For this, Audi Provides safety equipment based on the personal request of the consumer.

Standard package of this car is a four-zone air control system with ionizer, rear glass lid working electrically as Bose surround sound system. On the back seat with only two separate positions and it has their own settings. It is especially for the A8 L W12, all inteiror coated with leather.

On request, Audi equips Backseat to relax - it can be set in conjunction with foot Mats, plus heating or massage device . There is also a center console to extends all the way to the trunk. To the rear passenger entertainment, it is provided by two 10.2-inch screen. Another extra is a folding table and refrigerator.

Touch Screen
Today's technology has to offer is the Navigation NMI with large capacity of hard disk, a monitor, 8-inch high-resolution 3D graphics and fast processors. Operation of the command is done by Touching the screen like a tablet computer or mobile phone with Android operating system.

Together with NMI, it is Also incorporated by other systems, namely monitors at the front of the car, automatic transmission control, headlights, adaptive cruise control and a stop & go. Moreover, parking tools plus Audi Top View - the four cameras around the car to monitor conditions in the Surrounding areas plus Bloetooth (standard).

To connect to the Internet, it uses a UMTS module. Various applications in cooperation with Google. it also could Be downloaded. Rear passengers can also connects a cell phone to a WLAN hotspot installed in the car.

It has ability to sprint for the A8 L 0-100 km / hour, 7, 3 seconds. While the top speed is limited, 210 km / hour. Fuel consumption, Audi claims liter/100 13.5 km or 7.4 km / liter.

It is explained too that Further, IT will be Offered another more economical engines, fuel consumption ranges from 90-10 km per liter. Both engines will be paired with 8-speed tiptronic transmission, the which can be operated via switches on the steering wheel model toggle. To transfer power to the wheels, It is used by Quatro permanent 4x4 systems, typical of Audi.

To increase of passenger comfort, the Audi install suspension of "adaptive wind." Moreover, two-color 19-inch rims tires in pairs 255/720 to carry heavy weights. For that, the A8 L is equipped with a system that Constantly monitors the water pressure.

For buyers of this car, Audi will from Provide training for the owner and driver. Unfortunately, Audi does not mention the price. Understandably, made to order!

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