Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are you surprished when Kizashi modification will be as fast as Ferrari or Lamborghini

CALIFORNIA-Indeed Kizashi reveals the latest flagship sports sedan from Suzuki. However, it is reasonably possible to increase strength back up to the world record.

American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) for Suzuki sedan was managed to modify it to record speeds of up to 327.855 km / h and achievement as the world's fastest Kizashi. These records was also managed to break the previous record time which is 325.571 km/ hour.

Achieving this time conducted by Road & Track International Editor, Sam Mitanidi, on the trackBonneville Salt Flats. This path is known as a trackto test the maximum speed of a motor vehicle beforethe end of the world record.

What did it makes this Kizashi so special? Apparently the brain behind this amazing success is Holdener / Habrzyk.They make a new concoction on the innards of Kizashi.For example, which is ported cylinder head, new intake manifold, long tube header design, and forged pistons to obtain the output of qualifiedmanpower in high rotation.

Increasing the output power also requires Kizashi towater intercooling system crammed-to-water. Partclutch was also replaced plus a 3.5-inch exhaustchannel fabricated and turbo motor.

To keep retracing the salty tracks along the 1921 m, brilliant ASMC team is also equipped by a parachute in the rear, an aluminum bulkhead, racing seats, and rear glasswindow that is turned off.

By all of that modification accomplished, the Kizashi is reasonably feasible also competed with Ferrari and Lamborghini

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