Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anti Leaking inner tube Bicycle

Producer Michelin introduced the product inner tube for bicycle wheels that are labeled PROTEK Max. Tire is not only easy to install but it is also to mend itself when it is punctured by sharp objects such as nails.

There are two interesting things on the Max PROTEK it has a square cross section and the funny little bumps on the surface. Square shape helps align for the tire inner tube while the outside is wrapped against velek.

According to Michelin, the design is able to simplify installation and prevent the tire in a twist that it often occurs in the conventional tire design surface smooth like sausages.

When the tire in the wind filled in the tire and then stuck a sharp object, textured surface that was funny created compress effect, not just widen the hole like in general. That means the internal air pressure would only clog the holes so that the cement substance can work perfectly forever.

Michelin also claims that the product is able to maintain air pressure longer. This was proven when it is tested to be compared with the cement to 'automatic' Michelin AIRSTOP tube. After using simulation puncture the tires, Max PROTEK more can survive twice as long.

Products in this bike new tires available for the bicycle commuter and mountain bikes. Currently available in size 700 x 35-4c and 26 x 1.4-2.125 inches with Shrader and Presta valve type with a retail price of U.S. $ 8.99.

Unfortunately at this time in the less popular tires is installed on cars. But maybe someday they will create a tire tubless truly capable of mending itself when it is pierced by sharp objects.

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