Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alonso admit that Shanghai is so Difficult Week

SHANGHAI - After attending two F1 races in 2011, Fernando Alonso Ferrari asked the solid squad must be realistic about the current performance of the car. The Spanish rider was admitted, the main target this year should be a podium rather than victory, but from the experience of two series then becomes a difficult start to the season for the Italian team because they can not compensate for the speed of Red Bull.

2004 and 2005 world champion had to admit, it is not realistic to expect Ferrari have struggled to win now. "I think, a difficult start for us at the beginning of the season because, the problem of vehicles not fast enough," complained Alonso.

Regarding the performance of Italy's Ferrari F150, Alonso pointed out aerodynamic car sector should be increased and not be delayed anymore. "We all know, if the series championship is still long and we needs to gain as many points as possible," said Alonso.

But, after the race from Malaysia to China only had four days. Alonso admits, it is difficult to improve the performance of the car in a short time. "Just like in Malaysia, in China it back into a difficult week."

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