Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alcatraz Electric Vehicle Concept

This exclusive design was contrived for the San Francisco Motors Competition. The conception bears on the refined characteristics of aerodynamics, while maintaining the practicality of compactness. But the key innovation of this vitreous design is the ingenious incorporation of solar panels on the roof and hood of the car, in effect accentuating upon the total electricity produced, thereby extending the overall range of the vehicle. 
Other than that, the car will also be equipped with six batteries, drawing up the car’s range to over 80 miles. Adding to the range’s protraction will be the car’s aerodynamically efficient design. For example – the front part will be reduced to nominal magnitude and the conventional grill will also be removed.
 The under-body of the car will be kept fully flat, so as to increase the ground clearance and afford space for angles when climbing upon hills. From the perspective of capacity, this car could carry two people quite comfortably, along with adequate space for luggage

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