Sunday, April 10, 2011

1976 Olds Toronado 70X custom by legend modificator

George Barris is a living legend who may be better to be well-known through his work at the base of the Lincoln Futura Batmobile in the Batman TV series in the 60's, starred by Adam West.

One of his lesser known is the 70-X's Olds Tornado in total custom released in1967 . This is one of four Old's order of Imperial Oil Canada and it is built by Barris for the 1967 auto show in Montreal. If you are interested, can have it from eBay with a price 'skewed' worth of U.S. $ 99 thousands.

Olds Tornado is the first front wheel drive car produced by Cord automotive in the United States since 1930. Although this time it was considered normal, Behind the entrenched big-block hood with a capacity of 425ci (7.000cc).

In the hands of Barris, the car is becoming more 'futuristic' in his time. Tornado output of 1967 has a 'horn' which got to be touched again on each side of the front and rear fenders that look more prominent, while the inflated side is down to the rear. Inside is enhanced by wrapping leather upholstery on the sofa in the back of the following wood ornaments including foldable desk.

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