Thursday, March 31, 2011

You should watch Environmentally friendly first film titled "24" at least one

Hollywood is increasingly environmentally conscious. One of Hollywood's television film production, "24", produced without leaving a carbon footprint meaning that it does not destroy ozone in the Earth's surface.

"24", made by Fox TV owned by Rupert Murdoch, is the first film made with the environmental approach. During the production process, they will not produce the least carbon.

This measure, as written daily New York Times on Monday (2 / 3), was in accordance with the command Murdoch. This media bosses have stated that they did not film production will increase the amount of carbon in the earth in 2010.

This program is not easy. Fox, which produces "24", an environmental consultant hired to evaluate how much gas that is harmful to the earth removed during production.

They are grouped into two categories of emissions: energy for transport and special effects as well as electricity used for the decor and office.

Transport is included to send the scenario and the cars the movie player. 95 percent of total energy used for transportation. They change their car with a hybrid type which is very great. Affairs scenario? They rely on email. In this way, it is about 5,000 liters of gasoline - a small tanker truck - saved.

For special effects, they could not do it without removing the carbon dioxide. Just imagining a car chase scene, it was impossible not dispose of harmful gases into the earth.

"If we need car chases, we'll make the chase," said Howard Gordon, executive producer of "24". "Our obligation is first and foremost is to the fans."

In order to achieve the target without the carbon footprint, they exchanged with the environment friendly energy in India. They managed to exchange 1291 tons of carbon dioxide they produce with wind power in India.

Fox is not the first Hollywood company that "go green". In November, NBC Universal produce three programs produced by environmentally friendly methods, including "Nightly News With Brian Williams" and "Saturday Night Live".

The program is produced by environmentally friendly fuel, using recycled goods. Warner Brothers and Disney also has the environmental division. But the first claim of film production, remain held "24".

Film Production Well "24" is so Environmentally Friendly:

- Scenario sent via the Internet.
- All cars are used, the type of hybrid that is very energy efficient.
- Using solar yield of 20 percent biodiesel for diesel cars. In the next production, they will use a hybrid light trucks.

- The light in the bathroom and kitchen use motion switch, so if it is no-one, automatic die.

- Electricity was chosen as wind and solar results, although more expensive to pay on his foreign policy of California.

- If you can not avoid the release of carbon, such as racing scene-kebutan or overturning cars, their "buy" carbon from India.

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