Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wow! this is what I like it considering to Hybrid Electric Bicycles supported by WiFi tech

PICYCLE is a new hybrid electric bicycle creations of Pi Mobility maintaining curved frame design as its predecessor. Besides simplicity, this bike is equipped by a WiFi-based technology to monitor performance and it can track bike too if it is stolen.

ST PiCycle is equipped by features of 7-speed, electronic devices and lithium-ion battery powered by 10 Ampere on the aluminum framework providing the power supply on the type of brushless DC electric motor on the front-voltage powered by 750 watt 36 volt.

Through all is charging for 3.5 hours, the bike rider is able to bring as far as 31 km, depending on rider weight, terrain traveled and how many riders would move the pedal of his bicycle.

Without help, PiCycle can glide up to 32 km / h, while if it is the added strokes on the pedal, it can make environmentally friendly vehicle speeds approaching 48 km / hr.

Pi Mobility also Offer the option of an additional second bike enhancing the acceleration capabilities of PiCycle, but it does not increase the maximum speed. Consequently, the additional second motor makes an electrical charge of the battery shrinking faster twice which it automatically cut the power of home range.

The most unique feature is an optional feature on PiFi, as such WiFi-based technology which it can deliver various data wirelessly. it Starts from the data speed, distance, range, charging level, efficiency, rhythm, mapping, driving directions and environmental temperature directly to the phone drivers

Pi Mobility also plans to release Pi Q App for iPhone and Android later this year to make the relationship more easily.
Pi-Fi system also allows for remote monitoring of various conditions such as battery power, the frequency of battery charging, battery life cycles, and many others. Thus, we could take steps such as preparing preventive components and spare parts when a problem is detected.

Among other benefits revealed, the bicycle becomes easy to find during a theft with the assumption provided the bike is close to Wi-Fi network. New PiCycle ST will be available later this year priced at U.S. $ 2,495. Reservations can be made at this time through the official website of Pi Mobility. (OL-07)

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