Thursday, March 31, 2011

SUV "Luxury" made by China get uncertain fate in Rotterdam

Rotterdam - This is the unlucky fate of Chinese-made cars assumed as the BMW X5 cheat to be exported to Germany as well! For three years, the uncertain fates and it rot in a warehouse in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Vehicles left to not to be sold by Shung Huan -made SUVs Auto , tracing out the BMW X5 model. China Car Times even mention the SUV named by SCEO is the result of a perfect clone of the BMW X5.

Once it is out of SUVs sold in Germany, BMW complaints directly to the authorized court. As a result, the court ruled, prohibits SCEO sold in Europe. The revealed reason given by the court, SCEO is a mere duplication of the country's best SUV, X5. Subsequent court order of the official court it to destroy the car.

Nevertheless, the vehicle importer, distributor of China Autimobile Deutchchland Group, try to survive and says there are many differences between the BMW X5 and SCEO. However, the German court remains in his decision and Court reject this submitted argument.

Managing Director of China Automobile Group Deutchland Karl Schoessle tell the complicated problem to the Automotive News Europe. According to him, SCEO is different from the X5. He even argued, "I see, in fact there are similarities between the BMW and Audi." It turns out that argument China Car Times commented, "Both German brands both use four wheels and not the design!"

Photos of Chinese SUV decaying condition is accepted by China Car Times a few days ago. He explained that the image was sent by unknown someone who had access to car storage area in the Port of Rotterdam. It is estimated, this SUV shipped to Rotterdam in late 2007 or early 2008.

To date there are no persons or companies claiming to be owners of these vehicles, both distributors and Shung Huang German Auto. The reason is, if the vehicle is recognized belongs to them, certainly the authorized port will definitely ask for rent warehouse. Not only that, it turns out the cost of transport ships are also unpaid.

In the photo sent, seemed part of a vehicle that struck chromated corrosion. This situation also proves the quality of Chinese cars is low. In fact, another factor that contributes menpercepat chrome losing kemilaunya is the influence of salt from sea water vapor in the harbor. Nevertheless, it's more clearly because the outside of the engine also has bad or rotting participate!

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