Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Riveting Charm of beautiful girl at prestigious Bangkok Motor Show

Although somewhat it was less appropriate because of not much coming visitors for latest concept car, but the amazing charm of Bangkok Motor Show could never fade. Who else if it was not for the beautiful and pretty girls of Bangkok is the center of exciting attention.

"They want to party like a yes," said a brilliant senior official of automotive manufacturers at Bangkok Motor Show, some time ago.

Elegant cars on exciting display may not be much new, but once these girls were posing, well it was another story. The happy visitors and artistic photographers directly snap there with alacrity .

On the first day of the Bangkok Motor Show on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 and, 2 girl action with the Chevrolet Cruze WTCC became the Star of the Show. Sexiness they were able to attract the visitors. Besides Cruze, Chevrolet also launched a new Coloradonya here.

The visitors were women there who made shook his head because of their highly sensual action. Well ...

Meanwhile, the magnificent concept cars displayed this time at the Bangkok Motor Show actually been really raised also in the other impressive car shows.

Mitsubishi's small car concept showcased the Global Small Concept, the car was first exhibited in Geneva, Switzerland. Suzuki Swift Range Extender installed, with a New KIA Picanto, Proton with streaky sports car concept.

Powerful Honda raises amazing Brio attracting enthusiastic visitors. While elegant Toyota is showing off the FT-EV II and FT-86 sports car. Both have exactly appeared in Indonesia International Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show several times ago.

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