Monday, March 28, 2011

Renault is Gladly watching Petrov Up Prestigious Podium on Australian Grand Prix

Brilliant Renault boss of Eric Boullier really feel very relieved with the peak achievement of his team in the competitive series of inaugural Formula 1 (F1) Circuit 2011 in Albert Park, Australia on wonderful Sunday (27/3/11), because they are managed to climb the prestigious podium for number three. In fact, at the Australian Grand Prix they are making a unpredictable gamble on the exhaust and the loss of number one agile driver, Robert Kubica.

Indeed, the fantastic success of Petrov finishs in the top three to be a big surprise at the nice weekend. However, these exciting results into evidence of Boullier trust for Petrov, whose official contract was extended, and the design team.

"I'm very happy, happy, and relieved. We really went through a difficult winter. We simply gamble at the beginning of last year in our car innovation. Clearly, these simple concepts are different and everyone is still surprised by this urgent decision.

"We're experiencing difficult situations in the cool winter with Robert (a wretched, so until now still lived period of recovery), so the feeling is most pleased to see the hard work the team, which eventually bear fruit sweet."

Boullier also truly expressed his abundant delight with what is shown by Petrov. Because the fantastic results of the weekend was to be the best throughout his most career.

"It's nice to see the reaction on a good path," says Boullier. "He also had some good races last year, is very promising, but he also exactly make many unwanted mistakes.

"I put excessive pressure on him and we spent a lot of time for mutual discussion. We took him to an exciting environment where he can understand the British culture in F1, what we expect from him and help him grow as a talented rider. It seems we get a great progress in him. "

Unfortunately, the great performance of Petrov was not followed by Nick Heidfeld, who was appointed to replace Kubica position. The reason, the German rider suffered damage from an unwanted accident on the first lap.

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