Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Never desperate! that's Orismar de Souza! even homeless Brazilian make his own creative car

BRAZIL- A Brazilian homeless people make their own creative cars from the various collection of used goods, a number of spare parts, as well as hammer and chisel loan proceeds. Men named Orismar de Souza was exactly doing it because could not afford and the manufacturing process takes up to four years.

Souza (35) previously had to be willing to starve for the sake of raising funds so that 270 dollars can buy a number of strong metal plates and 125 cc motorcycle engine. He said he did not have expertise in the complicated field of raft-assemble something until it becomes a car like this, especially how to structure and form of metal plates. He was also often difficult, often desperate.

"No one believes, everyone laughed at me," said Souza. This made ​​me feel inferior. But, he added, finally I won and managed to make a car with my own hands.

Great, this man is able to modify the kick starter motor into the car ignition and add a reverse gear in transmission. The car can run up to 80 km per hour on the highway and he has used it to find a house and a job at a local sugar cane fields. He also paired the Fiat logo on the back of the car.

Creative and tough Souza then confidently said that the next project is to create a stable garage for this car. Spirit!

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