Sunday, March 27, 2011

Modifying elegant Nissan GT-R to become fantastic car having giant-powered engine

Amazing Nissan GT-R is considered "the god of cars" for the speed enthusiast. How could I not? In terms of fantastic appearance, two-door sedan does not only radiates the impression of swift and agile, but also very strong with full power of its aura. Hence, the official and authorized principal, when giving birth of elegant GT-R, did not want to castrate the important element of speed.

Included also, Nissan GT-R owner, who reluctantly called his name. Instead, he tried to optimize the potential contained in these Japanese products. The choice, for the R35 GT570 is injected with a package from HKS in the kitchen sector runway.

Like the blow-off valve HKS Super SQV kits, intercooler pipe, turbo actuators, center pipes, extension pipes, water filters, and spark plugs, all crammed full of HKS. Then, update all computer software related to the rpm launch control with the latest version.

The modificator also tried to open all the constraints on the ability of the ECU. How, do reflash AP1 with respect to ignition timing and fuel settings. By updating the kitchen runway, now Nissan GT-R is claimed to be the only one who has the power about 600 hp.

From the exterior, not much change, except on the back, there is the addition of wings. Again, the GT-R is claimed to be the only one who had switched wings with aftermarket from Amuse.

The tough wings are made of dry and strong lightweight carbon . The proper installation of the enjoyable garage is not complicated, just bolts to the seat by default. To adjust the color of the body, modificator tries to mixed to black color.

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